Project Притяжение

Creation and development of the urban environment of a new quality

  • 400 hectares The area of the land
  • 5 years Project implementation period
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The project is being implemented in several stages

Plans for the implementation of the "Attraction" project are included in the Development Strategy of the city of Magnitogorsk until 2035 year 2022-2025

Land area of Prityazhenie (Attraction) is a year-round multifunctional park area with a complex of buildings with a total space of about 100 ths. sq. m.
At the same place there will be located educational institutions, museums, social and business centers, sports and event-related facilities, hotels, park and recreational amenities, catering services, playgrounds, a lake with a beach area and a promenade.

The infrastructure as a combination of all these objects within one territory is unique both for Magnitogorsk, and for Russia.

Implementation of the project Prityazhenie in Magnitogorsk will allow to improve the quality of life for citizens, therefore, to change the social, cultural and business climate of the city.

Here are some of the benefits of the project:

  • A qualitatively new level of opportunities for education, recreation and healthy lifestyle of Magnitogorsk citizens and visitors.
  • Enhanced attractiveness of living in the city.
  • Reducing the out migration of perspective, working-age population.
  • Assigning a value to the industrial city as being touristically attractive, educational and medical heartland on the national level.
  • Encourage business and tourism activity in the city.
  • Personal fulfilment of the city residents in educational, scientific and technological fields.
  • Employment creation.
  • Small enterprise development.

Territory objects


Cooperation with the project Attraction

The Attraction is not only a unique project in its scale and functionality, but also a rare opportunity for self-realization, both in business and creativity. The project site allows you to implement the most courageous and ambitious ideas from an author's coffee house or your own craft workshop, to holding international festivals and creating art objects. You can always send us your suggestions in the following areas: - Business ideas for implementation on the project site and facilities located there. Together with you, we will determine the possibility and conditions for the implementation of your proposal. - Cooperation in the field of business projects planned for implementation (catering, rentals, leisure services, etc.) - Creation and placement of art objects, themed locations, holding themed events. The Attraction team is ready to consider any of your proposals and help to implement them. Contacts:,

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Project partners


PJSC Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works is one of the world's largest steel producers and is a leader among Russian ferrous metallurgical companies.

The company's assets in Russia constitute a large metallurgical complex with a full production cycle, from preparation of iron ore raw materials to deep processing of ferrous metals. MMK produces a wide range of steel products with a predominant share of high value-added products. In 2019 MMK Group produced 12.5 million tonnes of steel and sold 11.3 million tonnes of steel products. MMK Group's revenues for 2019 amounted to $7.566 billion, EBITDA - $1.797 billion.

JSC SPA Android Technics

JSC SPA Android Technics is a technological enterprise specializing in the development and production of robotic technology systems (RTSs), software, artificial-intelligence technologies and specialized scientific research laboratories based on anthropomorphic, biomorphic and industrial RTSs.

Since 2009 over 90 RTS projects for different purposes have been developed by the company, implemented over 100 R&D projects for private and state customers, including Roscosmos Group, Rosatom Group, Advanced Research Foundation, Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. Android Technics' contribution to the project Prityazhenie: Creation of the Future World Concept! The world, where a human being evolves together with robots, when artificial intelligence helps to solve breakthrough tasks, where technologies allow to easily explore new spaces and worlds! Magnitogorsk is the birthplace of Russian anthropomorphic robotics, the birthplace of the first robonaut FEDOR. The project Prityazhenie should become a mecca of space robotics, a place where everyone wants to come and observe the symbiosis of metallurgy, robotics and outer space.

Quantorium Children's Technopark

Quantorium Children's Technopark is an institution of further education that promotes the accelerated technical development of children and the realization of the scientific and technical potential of Russian youth and introduces effective educational models that are available for distribution in all regions of the country. The Technopark is equipped with high-tech equipment.

Its work is aimed at training new highly qualified engineering staff, developing, testing and implementing innovative technologies and ideas. As part of the project Prityazhenie, Quantorium is involved in creating an innovative model of a children's engineering and technical educational cluster, which allows the effective involvement of children in scientific and technical creative work, unlocking their abilities and ensuring the success and relevance of each child in their native region. Implementation of the Digital Economy national program that promotes accelerated use of digital technologies in the economy and social sphere of the Russian Federation in order to create favorable conditions for high-tech business, increasing the country's competitiveness in the global market, strengthening national security, and improving the quality of life is only feasible by preparing children for life and work in the digital economy realms.

KidBurg Group of Companies

Creators of children's play centers in Russia. For over 10 years, KidBurg has been actively developing education through play and has become the leader and the largest company in this educational industry that is new to Russia.

By creating enabling environment for children's socialization, education and development, KidBurg helps parents and schools to shape highly talented youth. The company works with motivation, career guidance, culture and education, popularization of science disciplines, development of social skills and competencies. For the project Prityazhenie, the company will create projects such as the interactive museum-theater Skazkin Dom, the museum of entertaining sciences LabyrinthUm, and the children's city of professions KidBurg. All three play centers of various categories targeting children from 2 to 14 years old will provide a wide range of services on one site.


Federal network of international level fitness clubs in the premium and business class segments in Russia. It is one of the top three leaders of the Russian fitness services industry.

The company operates in the market with two brands: customers can choose a fully-functional club X-Fit area of more than 2 500 m2 or casual club Fit-Studio. Now more than 350 thousand people are members of X-Fit fitness clubs across the country. In 2015, the network pioneered the use of a system of proven methods developed by the company's experts, Smart Fitness, which is the basis of the basic X-Fit training programs. At the moment the system is updated and relaunched - Smart Fitness vol. 2.0 is available in all fitness clubs of the chain. The company established and operates X-Fit PRO department, which includes several dozens of educational programs for professionals in fitness industry and general audience. X-Fit has more than fifty prestigious prizes, awards, diplomas and certificates of merit. X-Fit Prityazhenie in Magnitogorsk will bring together the advanced fitness technologies and the best programs based on a patented system of proven training methods. X-Fit Prityazhenie will offer its guests a wide range of services, including functional diagnostics, dietician and other subject matter experts support, fitness bar, massage, cosmetology, all kinds of spa services and a special set of programs for children.


Strategy Partners is one of Russia's leading strategic consultants and part of the Sberbank ecosystem.

The company specializes in services for the development of business strategies and operational improvements for large-scale and medium-sized corporations, as well as regional and sectoral strategies. One of the company's lines of activities is the elaboration of concepts for the integrated development of territories and real estate objects. As part of the project to create a multifunctional park Prityazhenie in Magnitogorsk, Strategy Partners developed a target concept and business model for the project implementation, including: the identification of functional areas, a list of created objects, analysis of the possibility of attracting investment partners, preparation of a business plan and investment memorandum, as well as the articulation of recommendations for the management system during the development stage and operation of the park.

Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University

Magnitogorsk State Technical University named after Nosov G.I. was founded in 1934 as a center for training engineers for the mining and metallurgical industry, for its more than 85-year history it has evolved from a mining and metallurgical institute - mining and metallurgical academy to one of the main technical university institutions of the Urals region.

In 2017 MSTU was ranked among 33 flagship universities of Russia and received the status of the University Center of Technological Development of the region within the framework of the priority federal project Universities as Centers of Innovation Creation Environment. MSTU steadily enters the top-300 universities of the international QS rating "Developing Europe and Central Asia" and in the top-100 of the National rating of universities of Russia. Educational structure of MSTU includes 7 institutes; 2 faculties (levels of higher education: bachelor, specialist, master, postgraduate); Institute of Elite Programs and Open Education (remote, intra-extramural, extramural higher education); Further vocational education and personnel engineering institute Gorizont (retraining and professional development programs); Project school (secondary general education); Multiprofile college (secondary professional education); MSTU branch in Beloretsk. About 14 000 students study at MSTU in 340 educational programs of higher education and 20 specialties of vocational education on the basis of innovative scientific and educational, research and technological centers, small innovative enterprises of the university, including "RnD MSTU", which carries out developments related to the technologies of machine learning and computer vision, virtual and augmented reality (AR and VR), industrial exoskeletons, big data processing and analysis (Big data), industrial Internet of things (IIoT), mathematical modeling, automation and robotic automation, and digitalization. The university operates the Quantorium children's technology park. MSTU takes an active part in discussing and shaping the educational concept of the Prityazhenie project.


OBERMEYER was founded in Munich in 1958 and is one of the largest independent design and engineering companies in Germany. The Munich-based parent company, OBERMEYER Gebaudeplanung GmbH & Co. KG employs about 800 highly qualified specialists in all fields of engineering and offers professional engineering services in all major segments of construction projects.

As a general designer OBERMEYER provides design services ranging from master planning concept development, design documentation and engineering documentation stages to architectural supervision of project implementation for residential complexes of comfort, business and premium class, office and park complexes, sport and trade facilities. The company has a wide profile of specialized areas: master planning and redevelopment of territories from 1 to 100000 ha, conceptual, engineering and architectural design of public and residential buildings, business centers, schools and universities, transport infrastructure, stadiums, multi-purpose complexes and shopping and entertainment complexes, airports, interior design of common facilities, office spaces, public areas, analytics and transport planning, transport modeling. In the project Prityazhenie OBERMEYER acts as the general designer. There was developed a master plan of the territory, the concept, the project development stage has been launched.

Corporate Training Center Personnel

Corporate Training Center Personnel implements a multilevel system of corporate training, which covers all areas of MMK's activities and is the flagship of additional and professional education services in different areas of activity.

The educational complex consists of classrooms equipped with virtual simulators and multimedia equipment, training areas to improve practical skills. Students are offered a wide range of learning courses, professional skills competitions, independent assessment of qualifications, talent development, and a center for linguistic innovations. More than 1600 training programs have been developed for workers, specialists and managers of different levels. The quality of services is confirmed by the certification audit for correspondence to the international standard of quality management system ISO 9001. Independent assessment of qualifications is carried out on the basis of Personnel. Personnel remains an exclusive operator for organizing excursions at MMK - the whole infrastructure of the plant is involved in the industrial tourism development project. Moreover, within the training center the multilevel programs for managers are implemented, professional skill contests are held, the younger generation is trained for the dynamically changing world of IT technologies. In the nearest future the Training Center Personnel will switch from application-based to platform-based corporate training, which will allow MMK employees to choose their career paths and flexibly plan their training and self-development.


A Russian engineering company with a 20-year history.

The company's operations are at the crossroads of audio-visual, engineering, and architectural and creative IT technologies, and social project planning. Their team creates impressive interactive projects in culture and art, business and education, public sector, medicine and sports. The company's client portfolio includes more than 500 completed projects for Lukoil, Vodokanal of St. Petersburg, Spartak Football Club, Russian Railways, LSR Group, Gazprom and others. In 2020 Ascreen in a consortium with the German museum bureau Atelier Brueckner and the developer of interactive exhibitions, the company Huettinger, began to develop the concept of museum and educational complex Prityazhenie. The complex will include a museum of the history of metallurgy, a science museum, children's and adult education centers and a co-working space. The museum of metallurgy history will describe the role of metal in the development of human civilization, displays will cover a whole range of natural science topics: from the structure of the universe, physical phenomena to the latest achievements of astronautics and robotics.

Atelier Brueckner

Atelier Brueckner specializes in museum scenic painting and is one of the most distinguished designers of museum expositions in the world.

The company was founded in 1997 and its headquarters based in Stuttgart. Atelier Brueckner is the winner of over 100 prestigious awards, including the Red Dot, Cannes Lions, iF Awards and others. Among the projects of the bureau are the BMW Museum, the European Parliament and the Arab Centre for World Culture.


Huettinger has been engaged in planning, designing and producing interactive display solutions and exhibits for 60 years and specializes in science museums.

The company was founded in 1921 and its headquarters based in Nuremberg. The company's projects include the Macau Science Centre, the Science Museum in London and the Hong Kong Science Museum.

Агентство является активным членом Ассоциации Брендинговых Компаний России (АБКР) и в Ассоциации Коммуникационных Агентств России (АКАР). Офисы расположены в Москве и Челябинске, 40 специалистов работают в команде. Ряд проектов отмечен премиями и наградами. По итогам 2022 года агентство вошло в топ-лист рейтинга креативности АКАР и рейтинга услуг Брендинг.