The process of shooting videos to create a 3D tour of the Project Prityazhenie was completed.

With the help of the children's efforts the videos about the future objects of the project Prityazhenie were created. The students completely took this process under their own control - from writing the script to final editing and digitizing the material and they did a creative and interesting yet enormous amount of work. The virtual tour of the territory is planned to be placed on the project's website.

The project featured:
Afanasiev Yaroslav - IT-quantum
Akhtyamova Alyona - Promproboquantum
Gladkova Oksana - Hi-Tech
Gorbatenko Danil - Hi-Tech
Ishmametev Alexey - Hi-Tech
Kudrina Milana - VR/AR-quantum
Kushnir Bogdan - Promproboboquantum
Sapina Eva - VR/AR-quantum
Sergeychuk-Ilchenko Dmitry - Hi-Tech
Tuchibaev Ilfat - IT-quantum
Cherepanova Lada - IT-quantum
Yaskov Vasily - Promproboquantum

Special thanks to:
*** Team "56" - Bagautdinova Anna Raisovna - the courageous class teacher, Immel Timofey, Reznik Milana and Vasilyeva Vladislava for their professionalism and great responsibility!
*** Quantorium management team - Polushkin Denis Pavlovich and Gebel Lola Viktorovna.
*** Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University management team - Chukin Mikhail Vitalievich and Mescheryakov Edward Yuryevich.