Presentation of the Quantorium Children's Technopark projects as part of summing up the results of the "Year of Prityazhenie at the Quantorium" program of cooperation.

The presentation of projects developed under the program of cooperation and mentorship between the Quantorium Children's Technopark and the project Prityazhenie was held in the Quantorium Children's Technopark.

The joint activities of the Quantorium Children's Technopark in Magnitogorsk, the Prityazhenie project and the JSC SPA Android Technics have been ongoing for two years. During this time, the students of the technopark, under the guidance of teachers, created special projects in the field of virtual and augmented reality, which were introduced very solemnly.

In the process of training, the students of the Quantorium created IT products based on the workable objectives:

1. Project Development of a virtual tour of the territory:

a. Development, shooting and digitization of the video footage for the virtual tour.

b. Participation of the actors in videos that are being shot.

2. Augmented reality business card of the project.

3. Sculptural and park composition for Prityazhenie Park project.

4. Map of Prityazhenie park with Augmented Reality project.

More than 30 students of the Quantorium Children's Technopark were directly involved in creating the digital product. 

3D-tour - a virtual tour with a series of videos in which young Magnitogorsk citizens describe in detail the objects of future construction of the project Prityazhenie with the background of the planned facilities. The virtual tour was compiled and designed by the pupils of VR/AR-quantum under the guidance of their tutor Natalia Vladimirovna Baeva and project management specialist Lola Viktorovna Goebel, and the process of shooting the videos from writing the script to the final editing was managed by the pupils of school №56.

AR business cards for the JSC SPA Android Technics use robots and special tags on their cards, which link them to the official pages of the research organization. On the business cards for the project Prityazhenie, in addition to augmented reality, there is a special tear-off line. According to the creators' concept, there will be small packages with seeds of different types of trees affixed to this line. Residents of the city, will be able to choose business cards with certain seeds using the AR-tag, and then plant them on the territory of the future park of Prityazhenie.

Map with augmented reality - with AR-tags of different buildings, demonstrating the future objects of Prityazhenie and allowing to imagine now how the territory will look like after the construction and launch of the first objects.

In the process of training, the students of the mediaquantum were engaged in informational support of all developments.

Moreover, the students created a sculptural and park composition for Prityazhenie by VR/AR-quantum student Eva Sapina under supervision of their tutor Anastasia Alexeyevna Rakova. This project features a fountain that represents extracted ore from Magnitnaya Mountain.

The children and teachers were awarded letters of appreciation and souvenirs in a solemn setting.

Thanks to children for participation and work, to parents and teachers without which this process would not take place.

Special thanks to the head of the Quantorium Children's Technopark Polushkin Denis Pavlovich, a specialist in the project activities of the Quantorium Children's Technopark Gebel Lola Viktorovna for the highly professional and effective organization of the cooperation process between the students of the Quantorium and the active collaboration in implementing the Prityazhenie project and also for their proactive approach to life and participation in the development of the city.

We sincerely wish you the best of inspiration, further development of the Quantorium Children's Technopark and success in all your endeavors.