The Attraction project became the winner of the 6th All-Russian contest "Team Leaders 2021/22".

The Attraction project became the winner of the 6th All-Russian contest "Team Leaders 2021/22".

The Mosinzhproekt Institute won in the category "Information Modeling of Territorial Formations," presenting the Attraction project in Magnitogorsk, where this Institute is the general designer. Another project for the Terekhovo metro station complex on the Big Circle Line took second place in the "Information Modeling of Transport Structure Objects" category. The awards ceremony for the Team Leaders 2021/22 contest was held on August 5.

The application should contain a description of the concept of gastronomic space (restaurant or corner), the draft menu, a presentation of your implemented projects, wishes on the area of the premises and the required capacity of utilities networks.

The event was held at the Ministry of Construction of Russia with the participation of Irek Fayzullin, Minister of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation. More than 150 projects from 28 Russian cities were sent to the contest.

"Receiving awards in two nominations for the projects to develop the Attraction urban environment and the Terekhovo metro station of the Big Circle Line is a great incentive for Mosinzhproekt Institute and a confirmation that we are going in the right direction in working with information modeling technologies," said Rustam Cherkesov, General Director of the design organization.

He also said that Mosinzhproekt Institute LLC continues to work on piloting the shared data environment, adapting templates, and modifying BIM standards and requirements.

As part of summing up the results of the contest, organized by the Stroitelny Expert Publishing House with the support of the Russian Ministry of Construction, the short-listed projects were presented at the Sixth All-Russian Conference "Best Practices of Information Modeling Technology in Russia".

Adel Imameev, Deputy General Director of the Mosinzhproekt Institute, made a report on "Designing a new generation of the Attraction urban environment in Magnitogorsk" at the conference.

During his presentation, he talked about the concept of the project, the main objects and the products used for the design. In addition to ready-made tools, which were used to develop the main sections of the projects and the master plan of the park territory, the company used its own automation tools: a collision handling plugin and a plugin for automating the simulation of electrical systems.

Adel Imameev noted that Mosinzhproekt Institute continues to work on the implementation of the shared data environment, adaptation of templates, modification of BIM standards and requirements: "We use a domestically developed system as a shared data environment, where no specialized software is needed for data visualization, observations are made with reference to the model, drawings and business processes. Also comparisons of drawings and 3D models, collision searches, storage of file revisions, and much more are done in the shared data environment."

In the concluding part of his speech, the Deputy Director General talked about the regulations and reference documents used by the Institute: "Fifty-six regulations and instructions have been developed, which include assignment exchange regulation, instruction for working with holes, instruction for creating specifications, reinforcement techniques, instruction for working with collisions, and others."

Winning the Team Leaders 2021/22 contest confirms the success of the company's real-life experience in working with information modeling technologies. According to the Director General of the Mosinzhproekt Intstitute Rustam Cherkesov, this year the development of WBS work classifier is planned, as well as the formation of the bills of quantities based on the model, which will allow designers to get closer to the 4D and 5D technologies.