The 10th grade students of the 56th school were the guests of Prityazhenie.

The winner of the Municipal stage of the competition "The pupil of the year 2020" - Immel Timofey with his team: Reznik Milana, Vasilyeva Vladislava, Ermakov Nikita, Rozhkov Egor. The pupils will represent our beloved Magnitogorsk at the regional stage.

The main task - to show Magnitogorsk, as the city of the future. For this purpose, the children referred to the project Prityazhenie to investigate the next development stage of Magnitogorsk.

The competition involves 49 students from different cities of the Chelyabinsk region. The competition consists of 7 main activities:

  • A local lore competition "My motherland is very broad".
  • A competition "I am a leader".
  • A competition "Intellectual battle".
  • An exhibition "My Region is the Chelyabinsk Oblast" (about the project Prityazhenie and others)
  • A master class "The Formula for success".
  • An infographic contest "We forged victory together".
  • A lapbook "Family chronicle of war".

Wishing the children good luck and victory!