A report on the implementation of the project Prityazhenie was delivered to Victor Philippovich Rashnikov, the Chairman of MMK's Board of Directors.

At the report meeting in the format of video conferencing, the issues concerning the architectural designs related to the lake, observation deck with the bridge over the lake, fountains at the entrances, as well as methods for creating art objects in the project area were discussed. Summary:

- A stepped cascading spillway on the lake was approved. The architectural solutions for the observation deck on the bridge over the lake were coordinated in order to improve the sightseeing characteristics.

For reference: The area of the lake would be more than 10 hectares. Recreation areas, beach area, promenade, rentals, a stage for concerts and events, a panoramic restaurant situated along the shoreline will be organized.

- Possible location of pedestrian and cascade color dancing water fountains with the possibility of water shows on the central and northern entrances is coordinated.

- Approaches to filling the Prityazhenie area with art objects have been agreed upon. The key approach is Magnitogorsk City of Craftsmen allowing to create conditions for self-fulfillment of its Magnitogorsk and Ural masters and place their works within the concept of the project on the territory. In addition, the objective is to create conditions for the establishment of a professional community of creative people in Magnitogorsk.

It is planned to place art objects pointwise throughout the territory, but the main areas are the theme park near the museum, educational and business complex, areas "ring of activities" and "maze garden", as well as the boulevard.

The beginning has already been laid down in this direction. Placement on the territory of two sculptures from metal, conceived by the artisan from Magnitogorsk Alexey Dmitriev who has embodied in the design’s idea of a project team "Metal as art", suggested the project team to consider their work as the future art objects of Prityazhenie. He has brought even his idea to the ready product realization.

The concept of the team Prityazhenie is the desire to present the audience metal with an unusual side, metal as an art form, as a material for self-expression, to convey the romance and harmony of metal through the sculptures. Alexey was given the opportunity to unleash his potential and show his work to a wide range of spectators. So far, the sculptures exist only in the form of sketches, but soon the artist will begin to implement his ideas.

Installation of the art objects by Alexey Dmitriev is planned for the opening of the first stage of the project in 2022.

We are still looking for masters, artists, craftsmen with any creative ideas. #aidavproject #айдавпроект