The talent will find the way or #айдавпроект

The guests of the project team were the heads of Magnitogorsk department of the Russian social organization that unites Russian artists and art critics Russian Association of Artists Edward Meder and Vladimir Beliy. At the meeting the idea of carrying out the Triennial of the modern fine arts called Labyrinth was presented to us, and also the questions essential for the project at the present time were discussed as follows: The main purpose of the project Prityazhenie is to create on its territory a favorable and friendly environment for different forms of artistic self-expression and talent development of the residents of our beloved Magnitogorsk, regardless of age and profession. How to achieve that? In many different ways, for example, as in the format of cooperation with the famous artists of Russia, and by providing a platform for exhibitions, competitions, festivals, the organization of art spaces for the creative community of the city and providing opportunities for training to all comers. Temporary and permanent placement of art objects, sculptures and hardscaping facilities, created by talented craftsmen of our city and the Urals region, is planned to be located in the park and promenade area of Prityazhenie. Well then, it's time to search for talents. If you are one of them #айдавпроект. You have an opportunity to stand at the origins of a grand project and take part in the creation of street installations and art objects. At this stage there are no limits on size and materials, a stretch of the imagination and any extraordinary ideas are only welcome. You can generate ideas, contact us and stay tuned.