Report of the General Director decision on the museum-educational and business zone of the project

Friday, July 3, was marked by several important events, Magnitogorsk was awarded the title of the city of labor valor, the 50th anniversary was celebrated by Shilyaev Pavel, the General Director of PJSC MMK, and on this day there was a reporting meeting with Rashnikov Victor, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of PJSC MMK, on the project Prityazhenie in the usual video conference format.

The subject was a detailed consideration of the functional content and implementation strategy of the museum-educational and business zone of the project and event-related venues of the future park territory. The report and discussion of the results of the Strategy Partners Group and the project team lasted for more than two hours.

The reason for this is the importance of the museum, education and business zone for both the project and the city, it will be the "core" of the project and will make a qualitative leap in the field of additional education, development opportunities for small businesses, culture and leisure activities of the city. The project provides the allocation of up to 40 hectares of the territory for the establishment of museum and educational business zone, in which will be organized:

  • A modern museum of science and technology. Let us recall that the exposition will be developed by Russian-German consortium;
  • An art gallery, which will allow to create temporary exhibitions and expositions, which are in demand, but previously not available to the residents of the city;
  • An art cluster for creative industries and a center for additional education;
  • An outdoor theme park with an open-air exposition and art objects;
  • A business space.

Long-term joint work with the city administration, business community, Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University, educational institutions of the city, as well as the analysis of Russian and foreign experience allowed us to define the directions that will help our children to fulfill their creative and scientific potential starting from school age until they start their own career or create their own business. It is the necessity to give our young generation and city residents the opportunity to achieve their professional potential. Furthermore, the large volume of requests from the city's business community required adding a business component to the "core" of the project.

All the functions of the business zone will be merged into a single Art Cluster with the area of almost 20 000 m2 which will include:

  • A modern museum of science and technology;
  • A programming school, a robotics center, creative workshops, a center for additional education;
  • A space for educational programs and meetings of entrepreneurs;
  • A coworking space for start-up entrepreneurs, specialists with remote work schedules, and freelancers;
  • Exhibition halls (showrooms), production workshops and studios for small companies, artistic and creative groups;
  • A multipurpose venue for various events, from exhibitions to business conferences;
  • Related service facilities, including catering and shopping facilities.

Such conceptual solution will allow to create conditions on one platform as for training and getting new practical skills as for employment or creating your own enterprise. This format is in demand in many Russian cities and has already proved its effectiveness in practice. That particular focus on connecting related industries and facilities gives the best synergy effect for the development of both small and medium-sized businesses and educational programs.

Rashnikov Viktor noted the importance of making education available to the city's children in the most promising industries: "We see all the changes in the industry and what enterprises will be like in the future, so we must help our "starlets" to grow up and assure that they will become highly qualified not only at MMK, but also at any state-of-the-art industry". Additional education will be available for all age categories of town residents, the emphasis is made on foreign languages, programming, robotics, mechatronics, practical skills of World Skills.

The proposal to include a modern business center, designed to meet the requirements and technology of the IT-industry, was also well received. The project team was assigned to work in detail on the requirements and requests received from the companies to create a business space.

The Strategy Partners Group report addressed not only the issues of the zone contents, but also the management and opportunities for the business community of Magnitogorsk and Russia. For establishment of objects with advanced technologies of work, service and management, there is carried out a tender procedure with the best companies working in the market of the Russian Federation and outside of it.

Thus, the winner for the City of Professions in the children's indoor amusement center and two more themed amusement parks was the Kidburg Group, which has successfully implemented similar projects in nine Russian cities. A road map is being drafted for the creation of the children's center and technical specifications are being prepared for detailed planning.

The same practice is applied to the majority of objects of the project Prityazhenie.

Let us recall that the project has already entered the stage of the construction works and an open tender procedure for the arrangement of provisional roads to support the construction site of the project Prityazhenie has been launched on the electronic trading platform of PJSC MMK. We invite all construction organizations to participate in the open procedures, which will allow the winners to take part in the implementation of a unique world-class project and forever remain in the history of the city of Magnitogorsk.