Working meeting on MODC

At the site of the project Prityazhenie was held a meeting on current issues of further cooperation in terms of the educational function of the museum-educational-business complex of the project.

The meeting with the Prityazhenie team was attended by the managers of JSC SPA Android Technics, Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University, R&D Center, Personnel training center and representatives of the Quantorium children's technopark.

Different modules for comfortable work of educational, artistic, business and many other programs will be organized in the museum-educational-business area. The specific planned zones in the future complex, requests and needs from educational institutions - facilities, equipment, features - are on the agenda for discussion.

At the planning stage the future belongers of the Prityazhenie are already working on the organization of the locations and learning methods which are in great demand. The challenges are not that easy. To solve them, you need to have not only great experience, but flair and understanding of current educational process in Russia and in the world and what education formats and areas will be in demand in the market in a few years.

The participants of the meeting discussed the activities necessary to support the early career guidance of children and adolescents. In order to develop various skills and competences not only of children and youth but also all citizens of the city are planned about 30 vocational program areas where different activities will be demonstrated in a playful and practical form.

The question of the arrangement of a new type of place for Magnitogorsk - a zone of a coworking was actively discussed at meeting. Participants tried to find a compromise as to how this zone will look and what it will be filled with. First of all, it is the big space where absolutely all who wishes can gather at any time for work, study or individual pastime. Such an open public office will not only allow for the proper and competent distribution of its complex area, but should also work as a space for lectures, meetings, teamwork, and much more.