A report on the implementation of the project Prityazhenie was delivered to Victor Philippovich Rashnikov, the Chairman of MMK's Board of Directors.

At the report meeting, which included a tour of the territory, a number of key decisions were made regarding the timing of the facilities construction and commissioning, as well as approval of the conceptual and architectural decisions regarding the flora and fauna facility. At the moment the following preparatory construction works have been completed on the territory: - Construction of the irrigation water pipeline along the gardeners' non-commercial partnership Michurina (2000 m) - Construction of a temporary driveway and a site for temporary storage of materials (3400 m - 61500 m2) Currently works on engineering preparation of the territory and laying of intrasite engineering services are being carried out, namely: - Construction of intrasite water supply network and sewerage system (3400 m - 61500 m2). The works are to be completed in August 2021. - Engineering preparation of the territory for construction of Boulevard object (phase one of the construction project) (scope оf works - 158 810 t). The works are to be completed in May 2021. - The construction of intrasite 10kV power supply networks (scope оf works - 4,680 meters). The works are to be completed in August 2021. - Construction of electrical substation Zelenaya 10/0,4 kV, 4*1250 kVa. The works are to be completed in June 2021. - Reconstruction of high pressure supply line. Construction of intrasite gas supply networks (scope оf works - 2700 m). The works are to be completed in September 2021. By August 2021 it is planned to finish the construction of the Boulevard to the elevation + 3.2 m, there will also be started the engineering preparation of the territory for the construction of the objects Big Lake and Ring of Activities at the same time. The construction of the perimetral roads of the project is in progress. These works are conducted at the expense of the budget of the national project Safe and High Quality Roads and are initiated due to the implementation of the project Prityazhenie. Reconstruction of those roads will lessen the load from the main city roads, which will eventually have a positive impact on traffic situations and will reduce the number of traffic jams during rush hours. From April to the end of 2021 there will be conducted reconstruction works on Sovetskaya St., Orenburgskaya St. and the intersection of Sovetskaya St. and Sovetskaya Armiya St. The general design engineers of the Prityazhenie project, OOO Mosinzhproekt Institut in consortium with the company WOWHAUS have developed and approved technical specifications and conceptual design (layout) of the objects and territory of the first stage of launch - children center, fitness center with a swimming pool, information center, a food mall. The object Ring of Activities is in the work. We would like to remind you that the Ring of Activities is a connecting element of the whole area, where there will be organized the pedestrian and bicycle lanes, lanes for roller-skating, catering points, recreation areas, ski tracks. By navigating the Ring of Activities, visitors will be able to visit all facilities and spend their time with a variety of activities.