The museum concept of the project Attraction was presented

The museum concept of the Prityazhenie project under the working title "The Universe of Metal" was developed and presented.

The other stage of the development of the concept of the museum, educational and business zone of the project by colleagues from the Russian-German consortium Ascreen, Huettinger, Brueckner came to an end.

For presentation of the developed concept Ascreen managers personally arrived to Magnitogorsk. For several days experts of Magnitogorsk and the project team studied the developed concept outline, in the course of work new adjustments and amendments were made.

Absolutely, that cross-cutting theme through all exhibition-exposition-educational spaces will be the theme of development of world metallurgy and role of the mankind in this process.

The key idea of the exposition is to place a human being in the center of the technological narrative, who, using the resources of the Earth and the tools of science, is able to create by generating new ideas and discoveries.

The exposition, on the one hand, shows the journey of metal from ore to a product that changes the lives of people, cities, and the planet. And on the other hand it shows a man who, using his own creativity and the achievements of science and technology, creates the world around him with the help of metal.

Thus, metal, combined with human ingenuity, appears in the exposition narrative as the engine of progress, the basis for the development of human civilization, its framework. It literally helps humans to expand the horizons of the visible world, knowledge, opportunities - from great geographical discoveries to interplanetary travel.

As a result, the exhibition integrates two narratives - that of metal as a nurturing medium and that of man as a creator. These thematic lines are intertwined in each exhibit unit, forming a voluminous narrative that shows technological processes from different angles, humanizing the scientific and technological focus of the exhibition through the introduction of a broad historical, cultural and social context.

By presenting the key discoveries of the past and the challenges facing humanity today, the museum will, on the one hand, help the visitors to grasp the knowledge accumulated by previous generations and, on the other hand, provide an opportunity to feel like a researcher-discoverer.