Kick-off meeting with Roscosmos and Android technology

On the participation of Roscosmos State Corporation, the achievements of Android Technology and cooperation with the project Prityazhenie.

To continue addressing the issue of providing the museum-educational and business areas of the project with the best and most promising ideas, the kick-off meeting was held in the format of videoconferencing with the leaders of the state corporation Roscosmos, JSC SPA Android Technics, PJSC MMK represented by the Director for Corporate Affairs and Social Programs of MMK and the Prityazhenie project team. Among the items on the agenda is the draft for the establishment of a space robotics center on the territory of the project. The management of Roscosmos highly rated the project Prityazhenie as a whole and the creation of the center of space robotics in particular. As the result of the meeting the decisions on the further cooperation and support of the project by the SC Roscosmos on special issues were made. Magnitogorsk is the birthplace of Russian anthropomorphic robotics, the birthplace of the first robonaut FEDOR. Magnitogorsk is proud of it! The Center of space robotics should become a mecca of space robotics, a place that everybody wants to visit. One of the places of attraction of the project.

The infrastructure of the center, a set of interior, architectural and interactive solutions will allow to implement a unique concept for Russia. It is planned to create educational and exhibition areas with a simulation of the lunar and martian landscapes, with a demonstration of modern space modules, a lecture hall - a modern youth platform for discussions, projects, for screening and watching movies, a real robot-lab, the communication center with the International Space Station with the opportunity to see the cosmonauts operating in real time, modules of Mars colony.