In Magnitogorsk, the first food hall will open on the territory of the Attraction project

Altdevelop, the company that won the bidding to develop the solution, has created the concept of a modern food hall that will open next year in Magnitogorsk on the territory of the Attraction project.

The food hall project will be implemented as part of the grandiose Attraction project. By the Metallurgist Day in 2022 the first stage will be launched - the central entrance group with a color-music fountain, a pedestrian boulevard, an information center, roller park, playground, part of the landscaped park area and the food hall itself.

The food hall will be housed in a two-story building. The total area of the space of 2000 square meters will allow to receive up to 300 guests at a time. According to the concept there will be a restaurant on the first floor and 10 corners and market counters on the second floor. The interior space will be integrated into the urban environment through unusual facades. In fact, there will be no fourth wall, which will emotionally blur the boundaries of the space. The Attraction Food Hall will be the first catalyst for change in the city, showing the advantages of a strategy where the asset of capitalization is not only a set of facade and interiors, but also a positive urban environment in which it is built - the pedestrian boulevard of the project area.

Already at the concept stage, the project has interested many restaurateurs and as a result of the pre- brokerage, a preliminary pool of residents was formed. "The success of food halls owes its success to a generation of millennials who want to have as many experiences as possible in one location. On the other hand, the development of this concept allows gastro-enthusiasts to implement their bold ideas. The format of the gastronomic cluster opens up great opportunities for them to realize their creative potential, with low start-up costs," says Alyona Nikiforova, Art Director of Altdevelop. Magnitogorsk is the first regional city with a population of less than a million people, which decided to implement the concept of a food hall, so popular today in Moscow and the world.

This project is important not only for Magnitogorsk, but also for the whole region; first of all the territory of the Attraction project has a great potential to become a new tourist attraction of the regional level, at the same time being another positive experience in the formation of modern urban environment.

"At this point, all the work associated with building the concept of a food hall through the lens of articulating functions within the space has been completed. The pool of residents is selected to meet all modern gastronomic trends. Design documentation prepared by Mosinzhproekt undergoes expert review. The launch is scheduled for summer 2022. I'm sure a quality facility of this level will be super popular in Magnitogorsk" - Maxim Kutepov, Head of Altdevelop.