Magnitogorsk residents participate in the implementation of the project

The idea that the residents proposed will be carried out on the territory of the Prityazhenie ropes course. The student of Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University presented the idea of creating a Freerope area on the territory of Prityazhenie. The concept is quite remarkable and corresponds to the general ideology of the project. Materials for the Freerope area have been included in the list of design objects and handed over to the project organization OOO Mosinzhproekt Institut. The Freerope area at the territory of Prityazhenie park is a new kind of sport and entertainment facilities in Magnitogorsk and a way to promote active leisure and lifestyle among citizens and visitors of the city. It is an opportunity to look at sports and fitness activities as a fun and exciting game. Imagine a course consisting of various obstacles, each of which is to be overcome without touching the ground. Ropes, cables, chains, logs, poles and car tires are used to set the course. Obstacles are suspended on the artificial supports not very high above the ground. The main rule of passing the distance - do not touch the ground. Unlike hiking and mountaineering, where everything is provided to avoid disruption of the participant, Freerope allows the fall. Moreover, it is the possibility of losing your balance at any moment that creates the atmosphere of extreme adventure. Safety of a person (athlete) is provided by a complex of measures, including restrictions on the height of a potential falling, requirements for the fall surface (rubber mats, special floor covering, etc.), availability of helmets and mittens. The main difference between the Freerope site and the Ropes Course is the competitive nature of the activity. Ropes Course is limited only to the entertainment aspect, so it is limited in its scope. The Freerope was intended by the creators to be a national sport available for large sections of the public: for children aged three and up, for pupils and students, for the older generation and for people with disabilities. The activities of the Freerope imply: - recreational nature (playground, quest area, event/training area); - more athletic nature (organization of the training process and competitive activities, etc.).